About Giclée Display

Welcome to Giclee Display a Division of Color One Photo
We are a team of imaging experts with many years of experience in making all kinds of printed products look their best. From photo, inkjet, and offset, to long runs and short runs, we have the solutions for your imaging needs. If you're a seasoned pro, or if you're just a beginner, you'll love working with us!
What we do
From scanning & image capture, to mounting and laminating, we do more than just great printing. We have interchangeable graphic solutions for backlit signs, stanchion signs, A-boards, and more. We also make great banners, and have indoor photo signage solutions for every situation. If you want your graphics to look outstanding, give us a call or send us an email.
Large Selection of Profiled Media in Stock
Color One Photo has a large selection of fine art papers accurately profiled, in stock, and ready to print. We primarily use Hahneumule and Epson brand papers, in a variety of smooth and textured surfaces and thicknesses.
Pigment Inks
Chromaworks uses the Epson Stylus Pro 9800 to print on canvas, matte papers, and fine art papers. We utilize the new 8-color K3 Ultrachrome ink technology with the optional Matte Black ink, which significantly increases black optical density to achieve matte prints of uncompromising quality. We use the Epson 7800 with Photo Black Ink for museum quality photographic printing. These printers have 3 unique levels of black ink allowing for a dynamic and smooth neutral gray ramp without metamerism or bronzing with incredible density and resolution. Chromaworks has the right printer for your print, from black and white photography to vivid color printing on fine art, canvas, or photo paper.
Dye Inks
Chromaworks also uses the HP DesignJet @ 600x1200 dpi resolution for it's high quality display products. It is an amazingly accurate printer that outputs beautiful yet affordable printing. The print is then usually finished in some way by mounting, laminating, or both, to create impressive ready-to-use large format displays.
High Resolution Scanning
Great prints come from great scans. Chromaworks uses a number of solutions to achieve great scan files, including a Contex Crystal 40" Roll Scanner for large flat art, a Phase One Powerphase FX scan back for framed art, an Imacon 949 scanner for high resolution files from transparencies, and an Epson 1640XL - 12x18 flatbed scanner with a transparency adapter unit for smaller art and transparencies. If you have an original, Chromaworks can scan it to a file.
ICC Compliant PDF Workflow
Every new roll or box of media we use is tested for color accuracy, cross referenced to bench marks, and re-calibrated if necessary. We do this to insure a consistent result every time we print. With the advent of calibrated monitors and software applications that embed profiles, color is getting easier to manage. There's a number of variables that can effect the color output during file creation. In most cases you can just use your default application color settings, and include profiles when you save your files for printing at Chromaworks. For those who want more control, Chromaworks uses Adobe RGB, and US Web Coated V.2, working spaces, (North American Prepress V.2). Be sure to color correct and tag all your image files with a profile while using a calibrated monitor. If your creating PDF files for printing, include the tagged source profiles of your images. Done properly, the ICC specification gives you a consistent path for repeatable, and universal results. This way once an image file is approved for color it stays that way.
PANTONE® Color Matching
Assign spot colors to your objects using the PANTONE® color library when creating your files. That's all there is to it! Don't rename or change your spot color swatches to process colors. Save your PDF file to include the tagged source ICC Profiles. Our ONYX RIP recognizes PANTONE-named colors in PostScript or PDF files and matches the colors as closely as possible. With over 8500 PANTONE® colors currently available in the Chromaworks PANTONE® colors library, 99.6% of them profiled at a DeltaE<10 with a colormetric round trip average error of .6, when using HP Photo Imaging Gloss paper and the HP DesignJet 5500 Printer. Over 90% of the Pantone Process Coated library profiled at a DeltaE<2, with similar results for the Coated and Uncoated libraries.