Chromaworks SWOP Off-Press Proofing

Contract Proofing for Publication Submission

SWOP Proofing

Color Correction Available

Epson Premium Luster

CMYK Gamut

U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2


This proof targets the U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 destination. Chromaworks uses Epson printers and papers to create SWOP Proofs. Your PDF file must contain only CMYK data and comply with the PDF/X-1a file format standards to achieve accurate results. The FOGRA 39 destination is available by request.

The SWOP® Review Committee has approved the use of off-press proofs as input material to publications. SWOP® specifications recommend that: "The appearance of an off-press proof used in this application must closely simulate a SWOP® press proof."
A Digital Proofing Control Bar, obtained from SWOP®, Inc. or created in-house, must be included on all proofs, in order for them to be considered acceptable SWOP® proofs. SWOP® specifies that a control guide such as the GATF/SWOP Proofing Bar be supplied on every off-press proof. SWOP® has made color bars meeting the above requirements available as a free download from its website
SWOP has introduced a certification procedure and accompanying Certification Mark for off-press proofing systems. Manufacturers of off-press proofing systems must submit an Application Data Sheet (ADS) and representative proofs to SWOP, which then checks proofing systems submitted for certification against the supplied ADS to each system's visual match to a SWOP Certified Press Proof.